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OKO is a collaborative sound project focused on creating a total environment. Fronted by vocalist Aleks Slota, OKO engages various artists and musicians to co-create the visual and sound aesthetic. What remains constant is the desire to engage the audience on an emotional and visceral level. OKO is an experiment. OKO is aggressive. OKO changes.

OKO is Aleks Slota

OKO portfolio (PDF)

Musical collaborators
Any Pretty
Kris Barnett
André Foisy
Robert Heim

Visual collaborators
Stefan Reiss
J.E. Murphy
Future performances:

OKO is dead, long live OKO!

All future sound activities will be announced on

Video of our performance at the "Quiet Violence" sound festival and exhibition.

Web based interactive video for the song "Hoarfrost" is now up. Site design by J.E. Murphy of SCN9A.

Our album 5730±40 is out and available on tape from us or digitally from Bandcamp.

Interview with us in Black Online and a review of our tape. (in German)